Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stunty MT? o.O

Today was Gruuls Lair and I was pretty sure I would be running it as a tank due to the list of people who had signed up, but when I looked at the line up today some silly bugger had gone and put MT next to my name. I've never been MT in a 25 man raid before.

This is a joke right?

You guys know how much I hate responsibility, and yet you go and do this to me?

Anyway, being MT on the trash was actually easier than being off tank since when those ogre guys did their charge thing it was someone else's job to pick it up. I just had to mosey on over and pick it up off them again, easy ... I like easy I do.

High King Mulgar.

Even High King Mulgar was easy as MT I just stood by the wall in the middle of the room and had a hunter misdirect him onto me. Then I just built up some threat and made sure shield block was up every time it could be. My gear did most of the work on that one ... and the healer, who did a brilliant job of keeping me off the floor. We one shot Mulgar and his gang, and in revenge he refused to drop the T4 defender token ... again.

Gruul the Dragonkiller.

Then it was time for Gruul the Dragonkiller himself, the head honcho, the big kahuna, and anything else you want to call him. Now I was a little nervous. This guy hits like a truck, and hits harder the longer the fight goes on. So while the raid leader was going over the fight for those who had not done it before, I whispered the enhance shammy in my group and asked if I could get grace of air totems for this fight instead of windfury. The answer was an of course you can, which made me a very happy tank.

This differed from the Mulgar fight in that I needed to build a lot of threat fast while reducing as much damage as possible, this meant rotating in Thunderclaps and Demoralizing Shouts along with my shield block and still keep my TPS above 1000. Not that easy let me tell you, well not for a tank of my gear level anyway.

During the shatters I decided to be a space bully. You see that spot next to Gruul? That's mine, the rest of you can bugger off. Now I didn't say that but it was sure as hell what I was thinking. It worked too, it seems that nobody else really wanted the spot right next to the big guy, or if they did they must have seen me already there and headed elsewhere.

By the end of the fight he really was hitting like a truck. I was chain chugging Ironshield Potions and was rocking out with 19000 armor, and with raid buffs and Commanding Shout up I had over 18000 HP, yet he was dishing out normal hits for 6.5 - 7k he was able to kill me with three hits ... without getting a crushing blow. So for the last few percent I smacked up Shieldwall and hoped like hell I didn't die. And I didn't the healers did their healy stuff and I stayed on my feet while the dps did there nuking thing and brought him to his knees. A good thing too because he was about to swallow me whole.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off,

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