Monday, June 30, 2008

I Smushed Ma Finger.

Real Life Stuff. (my excuse for not posting yesterday)

Yesterday (Saturday) in work my finger decided to try and mediate an argument between 30kg of enraged wood and a concrete wall. The result of this diplomatic failure was me hopping around with a swollen, bleeding finger under my arm. I wanted to go to the doctor to get it checked out but was out of funds until I got paid today (Sunday). So today I went to the doctor to have my finger tested for breakages, none were found.

Thank goodness for that.

This means I can play and type. I have a very high pain threshold, developed through 25 years of being highly accident prone, so pushing keys with a finger twice its normal size doesn't bother me. Pushing keys with a broken finger would have. To give you a quick idea of how accident prone I am I will now list off a few of my injuries, breakages as a minimum.

7 broken toes.
2 broken thumbs.
3 broken ribs.
Broken tail bone ... twice.
Extra floating rib due to it being separated from the septum.
Cracked skull ... twice.
Missing Ligament in my knee due to being hit by a car.

All these injuries happened at separate times.

Don't even get started on my more "minor" injuries. Lets just say that I have spent more that three month on crutches due to strains and sprains ... and once putting a rake through my foot. I don't have a "good" knee, I have a "less bad" knee. The frequency with which I hurt myself at first appalled then amused the people I know in real life, lets face it it's either laugh or cry with my track record.

Anyway I can now post again without fear of further damaging my finger, Hurray.

So until next time this is Stuntyone the Incompetent Warrior signing off.


Softi said...

Ouch!! I can only hope my kids aren't as accident prone as you - yr mother must've been constantly worrying over ya! I know I would/will be if/when it's mine! :P

Anonymous said...

Oof... Hope you get better soon! Heal well!

Stuntyone said...

Don't worry softi, by the tim e they are 3-4 you'll know if they are destined to be as accident prone as me :)

My usual mode of travel at that age was walk a bit, fall over, walk a bit, fall over, walk a bit.

My mother who is a physiotherapist, soon became blaisé about the whole accident thing, as does everyone who knows me.

@ Loronar, I heal very fast and well :) Which is a very lucky thing now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

All i can say is:

HA HA....

Bad kitty